Bulgarian Young Psychiatrists' Association

is an independent non-governmental organization founded by a group of psychiatric trainees, PhD students and early career psychiatrists in 2018.

The Bulgarian Young Psychiatrists' Association is a full member of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT), accepted in July 2019, and is now on the EFPT map.

About us


The training in psychiatry and the first years since completion of residency are of crucial importance for the professional development of every psychiatrist. Bulgaria had had no official representative of psychiatric trainees or young psychiatrists in any form of an association until 2018.

Our main goal is to contribute to the consolidation and development of the community of young psychiatrists in Bulgaria by establishing links with international organizations,  stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experience with the aim of improving the quality of psychiatric training, as well as influencing public attitudes, including the stigma in psychiatry.

Our LOGO is inspired by motifs of Bulgarian traditional embroidery similar to the one on this image. The fragmentation of the embroidery in the logo symbolizes the disintegration of mental functions in severe mental illnesses.

Image of a traditional Bulgarian embrodery

Source: http://www.omda.bg/public/bg_krast/web/kreuz.htm

Executive Committee

Dr. Kaloyan Guevara, MD


Dr. Desislava Ignatova, MD, PhD

Vice president

Dr. Petra Marinova, MD, PhD

Member of the Executive Committee


Full members of the Bulgarian Young Psychiatrists’ Associaton can be psychiatric trainees, psychiatrists up to 5 years after completing residency, and psychiatrists not older than 40 years. 

Only full members can apply for the executive committee. 

Associated members can be all who do not meet the criteria for full membership but are willing to contribute to the community of young psychiatrists. 

Examples include PhD students in psychiatry, psychiatrists older than 40 years, residents ot specialists in other fields in medicine, philosophy or other related professions.

Contact us

You can contact us on the following e-mail addresses:

  • info@bypa.bg 
  • president@bypa.bg

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